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OrganiCare Hair Conditioner

OrganiCare Hair Conditioner
Cosmétiques Calivita
Après-shampooing bio

200 ml

L'APRÈS-SHAMPOING ORGANICARE est le complément parfait à notre shampooing. Il nourrit en douceur, renforce et protège vos cheveux après les avoir lavés. Ses précieux nutriments rendent les cheveux doux, brillants et faciles à coiffer.
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Ingrédients biologiques

OrganiCare Hair Conditioner - Après-shampooing bio

Organic Hair Conditioner
Organic hair conditioner

Our OrganiCare cosmetics products contain  valuable active ingredients from herbs produced on organic farms. During our traditional production method that follows manual harvesting and involves great attention and control, we do not use any kind of chemical processing aids to ensure  preservation of the entire effect of the valuable components.   This results in products of extremely high quality, pureness and effectiveness.

The OrganiCare product family contains a shower gel, a body lotion, a shampoo, a hair conditioner, two different types of toothpaste and a first aid balm. Thanks to the gentle care provided by our natural, allergen-free ingredients, the whole family can use our products so it is the ideal choice for children and people with sensitive skin alike.

The main pillar of our body and hair care active ingredients is composed of  aloe vera, olive oil, wheat germ oil, lavender, rosemary and Shea butter. We enclose the strength and purity of the herb wrapped in a particularly fine scent in an elegantly sleek packaging, thus helping to restore the natural state of your skin and hair.

ORGANICARE HAIR CONDITIONER (200 ml) is the perfect complement to our shampoo. It gently nurtures, strengthens and protects  your hair after you wash it. Its valuable nutrients make the hair soft, shiny and easytocomb.

To whom and for what do we recommend it?
  • It can be applied on all types of hair and is suitable for daily use,
  • for the whole family including children and for sensitive scalps,
  • everybody who would like to care for their hair with organic, allergen-free ingredients.


Nature’s treasures contained within a bottle
The main active ingredients of our cosmetics are aloe vera, olive oil, wheat germ oil, lavender, rosemary and shea butter.
The healing effects of Aloe Vera has been known for thousands of years and from the 1960s onwards. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) organization officially recognized it. It is difficult to list the scope of its effects, but without limitation: it has an effect on wound healing, regeneration, anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, moisturizes burned or irritated skin, prevents bacteria, viruses, fungi, and delays the ageing of skin. Thus, we can call on this miracle plant for help when having dry, irritated, cracked skin, redness of skin caused by diapers, burns, or psoriasis.

Olive oil is also one of the most traditional herbal medicines, which is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids, provitamins, vitamin E, antioxidants, and therefore an excellent basis for skin regeneration and renewal process. In addition to its effective assistance in the fight against skin aging, it greatly heals wounds, and has an anti-fungal effect as well.

Wheat germ oil has extremely high vitamin E content, and thus can be used as a pioneer in the field of rejuvenation, reducing the signs of ageing, and is an antioxidant, effective emollient and regenerator.

Rosemary soothes dry, itchy skin, and unbeknown to many people, it stimulates hair growth.

Lavender is primarily known as a complement to the pleasant relaxations, however, its role is found not only in providing pampering for the sole. It is also an excellent muscle relaxant, sedative, and even promotes wound healing.

Anyone who knows shea butter, knows that its excellence would deserve a separate article. It has a long-lasting moisturizing effect, helps the skin's own healing ability, and reduces inflammation.

Use the members of our organic family products for your daily grooming and feel the power of nature on your own skin.

Diligence and care
What they have in common is: quality, purity, effectiveness, and careful production, all with a captivating scent. Every member of the family can use our products, and are excellent for all skin types. They strengthen the skin's defense line, and restore it to that perfect balance. The active substances are grown on an organic farm with the utmost care. Fruits and leaves are hand-picked and prepared for processing, which takes place at low temperatures to ensure valuable vitamins, antioxidants, and polyphenols do not lose their strength. We do not use any chemical additives during the process. Every step of the production is continuously monitored, thus we can ensure high quality, and clean-rich products as the final result.

Calivita: OrganiCare Hair Conditioner

200 ml

Directions for use

Active ingredients

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Cosmétiques OrganiCare
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Organic Hair Conditioner
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