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Propos de la compagnie Calivita

Calivita International is a global leader in health promotion and rapidly growing international corporation engaged in the production and distribution of food supplements.
Taking them in modern times is an integral part of modern life.
If we want to counter the adverse effect of the environment, prevent lifestyle diseases and stay healthy, we should reach for supplements every day.

Calivita International Offer includes more than 100 different formulas available in the global network, which were designed for the individual needs of contemporary man, using the most current advances in medical science. A wide range of products includes: mono preparations, and kits containing vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants and many other active substances.


All products are manufactured based on pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients and in pharmaceutical factories. They are manufactured in the United States, by reputable manufacturers of food supplements under the supervision of the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). FDA Certificate is a guarantee of health preparations security. The production of supplements, from raw materials of natural origin, is held in accordance with the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which allows for them to obtain standards of the highest quality products. In the production of certain preparations containing high doses of active substance applied technologies of prolonged action - "timed release". It provides a more effective and permanent component level in the body, even by 10 to 18 hours. Minerals contained in Calivita products are in chelated form, which ensures maximum utilization by the body.

Calivita Farmington

Siège Calivita ® International: aux États-Unis (Farmington) sur le côté droit

Bureau en Europe occidentale (Rotterdam) et le panneau en bas à droite bureau Calivita ® International pour l'Europe centrale et orientale (Budapest)

Calivita Rotterdam Calivita Budapest

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