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135 gramm


Sea buckthorn extract

Green tea extract

Aloe Vera Extract


Chamomile extract

Chlorella vulgaris

Rosemary Extract



How to use:

Apply a small amount of cream to the surface especially sensitive and vulnerable to abrasion. Frequency of use can be adjusted according to individual needs.

IntiMoments 135 gramm

En ce qui concerne la santé, une vie équilibrée et complète, en bonne santé sexuelle est aussi important que une bonne alimentation. IntiMoments est un produit cosmétique intime spécialement conçu pour les femmes, dont les agents actifs soutenir le bon fonctionnement des organes sexuels et du vagin, et peut être utile d'avoir une vie sexuelle équilibrée joyeuse.



As far as health is concerned, a complete, healthy, balanced sexual life is as important as a proper diet. IntiMoments is an intimate cosmetic product developed especially for women, whose active agents support the healthy functioning of vagina and sexual organs, and may be helpful in having a balanced, joyful sexual life.

Formulated for women, IntiMoments is a truly unique, personal cosmetic intended to help enhance intimacy through the sexual experience, and also to support the healthy and normal functioning of the female genitalia. All of the natural, high-quality active ingredients in IntiMoments have been carefully selected and blended to help make your intimate moments more intense and memorable.

Ingredients such as L-arginine and rosemary help promote topical ciculation, thereby helping to enhance sensitivity to stimuli. Collagen, elastane, and chlorella , support elasticity and firmness. Eucalyptus, aloe vera, seabuckthorn and camilla  help to maintain the health and proper hydration of the epithelial cells.  Applied before or during intimate togetherness, IntiMoments acts as a lubricant and helps the sexual organs become hyperemic, which in turn may help to render intercourse more intense and enjoyable.


  • This product is intended for adults only.

  • This product can be safely used during intercourse with or without a condom.

  • This product is NOT a contraceptive.

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